Experience the true spirit of Earth Day

The American Society for the Protection of Nature INC, "ASPN" is kicking off its annual Earth Day campaign.  We need your help to make this upcoming year the best for the Environment.  For every $5 donation, we receive, we will plant a tree in your honor.

For over 40 years, Earth Day—April 22—has inspired and mobilized individuals and organizations worldwide to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

Please help us get the word out by:                                                      

  1. Spreading our message to all your friends and family on Facebook
  2. You may contribute online through your PayPal account using the link on our website: www.americansocietyfortheprotectionofnature.com
  3. Promote a healthy environment by recycling at home, work, and school.

Since we were founded we have;

*Recycled 1328 toner cartridges

*Planted 36 trees from money raised through our recycling efforts

*Offered an annual scholarship for last 6 years.

Give now to help us replant millions of trees lost in the wake of hurricane devastation in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico this past year.

Our Federal Employee Identification Number for tax purposes is: 47-2536881. The American Society for the Protection of Nature INC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.