2020 - Expanding our presence from Orange County NY and Clinton County NY into Sumter County FL. Continuing sending ill and needy children to camp. Continue to make society aware of environmental needs and work for nature.

2019 - This year is one of education. We are sponsoring firearm education. Gun safety education will help prevent firearm accidents. We are also continuing ALL of our previously run programs. 

2018 - We expanded our organization both NY and Florida. We also added camping scholarships for children with medical issues.

2017 - We called this a year of growth. We added corporate sponsors, members, and offered a camping scholarship to underprivileged children.

2016 - The ASPN continued to raise funds, raise environmental awareness through mailings, social media, and person to person contact. There was no scholarship awarded as there were no applicants. We continue to look forward with the hope of purchasing some land for our first education center.

2015 - Our organization voted once again to not receive any form of payment or reimbursement for our efforts in 2016.  This year was a year for planning. We set 2016 goals and set fundraising goals and responsibilities for raising capital to fund the first Education Center/Camp. We will be promoting our Organization and our goals at County Fairs throughout NY state this year. Helping save our natural resources is a job everyone must do. Once these resources are gone, we cannot get them back.

2014 -  We used this year to better organize ourselves and establish ourselves as an American Not for Profit Corporation. This means that we as a not for profit organization do not earn profits for ourselves, but instead All of the money earned by or donated to our not for profit organization is used in pursuing our organization's objectives.

2013 - At the end of 2012 going into 2013 the AWF attempted to publish a magazine solely about the Adirondacks. The magazine was cancelled in Early April of 2013 due to poor reception  and high expenses. At the end of 2013, the group decided that we wanted to help all of the United States and not just the Adirondack National Park in upstate New York. Some of the organizations that have benefited from the AWF's fundraising activities are, the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, Arbor Society, Make A Wish. Nature Conservancy, The Wild Center, Ocean Conservancy, and many others. 

2012 - As a group we publishing a book titled, "The Seven Wonders of the Adirondacks." In this book we mentioned in great depth our list of the Adirondack National Park’s Seven Natural and Man Made Wonders. This book is volume one. We propose to publish a book every other year. All funds from the sale of the book will benefit our campaigns.

2011 - The AWF through their active campaigning for funds were able to help so many. Some of their campaigns have involved selling Adirondack themed calendars, change jars, letter campaigns, and much more. We also established an annual scholarship of $250 for a student that cared about the environment. 

2010 - A group of concerned people came together with the goal of to be an advocate in providing a quality park through political activism, park recreation, and conservation education to the people of the Adirondack Park, while protecting the park's wild lands and waters. This group was established as the Adirondack Wilderness Foundation, "AWF".