Tye Dye Day coincides with National Earth day,

which next year is Saturday, April 22, 2017.

Contact us now to sign up for next year.

What is Tye Dye Day? ASPN Tye Dye Day® is a fundraiser created by the American Society for the Protection of Nature INC, which is a 501(C) Organization.  ASPN Tye Dye Day® is where participants donate $5 or more in exchange for wearing an article of Tye Dye clothing to work. Funds will support the ASPN® and their environmental education programs and services.


What is the money used for? Please join the American Society for the Protection of Nature in the movement to save our natural environment by donating $5 or more today. Your donation helps the ASPN to fight for the conservation of endangered species that are vulnerable to extinction, important to humans, and powerful icons of nature. This is an extremely important effort and they need your help today.


Why is Tye Dye Day important? The United States Fish and Wildlife Service currently lists approximately 1,200 animals and 750 plants as endangered or threatened in North America. These figures are alarming and the need to act is urgent.


Who is the ASPN? The American Society for the Protection of Nature INC, “ASPN" is an organization that serves the entire United States of America. Our mission is to be an advocate in ensuring that future generations of Americans will be able to enjoy nature and the outdoors in its entire splendor. We accomplish our mission through political activism, working with other environmental organizations, offering an annual scholarship, and through conservation education.